A Jet Setters Survival Guide…

Anyone that knows me knows that I really LOVE to travel, it is my totally over the top and rather expensive hobby in fact I’m even writing this blog post  whilst multi tasking while searching for my next holiday!

Being a self confessed control freak whenever I travel I have a habit of being uber organised. It all started back when I was a dancer for Kelly Rowland, on day one of rehearsals we were told we’d be travelling all over the globe performing shows and plane hopping. Although hugely exciting and one of the best experiences of my life it was also a killer at times and could sometimes take a real toll on my body, sleep pattern and of course my skin! So when one of Kelly’s longstanding American dancers who had already travelled the world once over said “hunny your gonna need to get yourself a survival kit’ (no not for our Destiny Child ‘Survivor’ number but for all of the long haul flights) I set upon a mission to get myself all the best things to keep in my handbag on a flight….

Here is my must haves when flying anywhere over 2 hours…

1: 2 litre bottle of water…

Flying is one of the most dehydrating experiences for our bodies. With that in mind

it is really important to stay hydrated not just for our internal selves but for our skin which can also show signs of drying, wrinkling and produce dark circles under the eyes without a sufficient water intake.

2: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream…

This wonder product has so many uses. I mainly use it for two reasons; to keep my lips from drying and also to dab on the inside of my nose. The reason being; planes are not sterile environments and with the air being filtered as many as 7 times per flight on some occasions, you are 100 times more likely to catch a bug on a flight. Ewwwww! So by rubbing a small amount of this product or Vaseline around the inside of the nose it helps by replacing the protective germ catching mucus inside our noses that we lose when the dry air in the cabin causes it to evaporate. It can also be used for combating drying around the eyes, as a face mask and for your cuticles.

3: A memory foam sleep pillow…

Even if you catch an hours nap this will help with the time zone adjustment that often leaves people jet lagged. We all know planes are not comfortable unless we are fortunate enough to be up there with the Beckhams in upper class so it’s important to protect your neck. A crick in your neck for the remainder of your holiday is                                                                     definitely not what you want.

4: Dermalogica multi active toner…
I love this stuff! After a snooze a quick spritz springs your skin back to life rehydrating and also infusing vitamins back into the skin. It also comes in a handy travel size that I don’t leave the country without.

5: Dermalogica Active moist face cream….

This product is fantastic for keeping our skin in good balance ie: not to oily and not to dry. With some richer moisturisers you may experience some glooping or it may turn into a strange paste eventually if you apply several layers during your journey but with active moist you can continue to re apply throughout your flight and your skin will keep drinking it up. Magic!



6: Clear mascara…
I tend to avoid makeup on flights over 2 hours so I can moisturise and spritz my skin without worrying about my make up. But a slick of clear mascara on your brows and lashes before landing helps to make you appear a little more groomed than au natural even though you’re technically still are.


7: A thick pair of socks and a chunky knit shawl…
Now although your destination may be 30 degrees celsius your flight certainly won’t be. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a flight freezing your butt off! The second that air con kicks in and we’ve taken off I tend to wrap up warm. Plus the shawl makes a good blanket when you feel to take that power nap. I recommend the shawls from Tie Rack and thick socks you can get from anywhere!

8: Don’t forget your toothbrush!
I never step foot on a flight without my fold away toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste. Some flights are 15 hours long and I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t go that long without   brushing my teeth. SuperDrug and Boots stock great miniature product ranges including toothpastes, mouthwashes and travel toothbrushes all tiny enough to fit in the smallest of hand luggage. Remember to use bottled water to brush your teeth though people we don’t know how many times the water on board gets filtered do we?!? Gross!



9: Anti bacterial wipes & hand sanitiser….
Did you know that when USA airlines were tested for germs over 60% of the tray tables contained traces of the MRSA superbug! Moral of the story is wipe it down the second you take your seat along with the arm rests and use your hand gel before every meal! Maybe it’s not the Islands that give people icky tummys? Maybe it’s the plane that’s the culprit!

Just add 10 drops of this formula to your water or under your tongue to revitalise whilst you’re flying. It also claims to help with jet lag, fatigue and boosts your immune system as well as purifying drinking water.
It’s also great for rehydrating after a hangover so I’ll certainly be packing mine for my next trip to Las Vegas!

11. Mini Deo…

A long haul flight in the same clothes can make you feel a little frauzy. Nothing beats a quick spray of Dove deodorant under your arms. The scent is like clean clothes, so is the perfect refresh before leaving the plane and embarking on the next leg of your journey.Also a nice spray before you reach your destination will prepare you for the heat at the other end if you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere hot!

So there you have it, my in flight survival guide!

Happy holidays!



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