STYLE DIARY: Shanie attends the launch of the London Cabaret Club…

STYLE DIARY: Shanie attends the launch of the London Cabaret Club…

4th May 2016

Check out my style at the launch of the London Caberet Club

Event: The London Cabaret Club relaunch and dinner.

Location: The Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Goodie Bag: None

Celeb Watch: Mason Noise, Alexis Knox, Stooshe, Olivia Cox, Josh Daniels, Michelle Heaton, Grimmie.

Event Highlight/Review: Loads of cheesy all singing all dancing entertainment featuring some of the best songs from the 80’s & 90’s. However one of the female singers was a little too nasal for my ears to enjoy eekkk ! The costume design had a few absolute wow moments but there was far to much recycling of a black leotard for my liking. The food was yummy and the setting was perfect. Overall my little sister and I had a fab girls night out.

What am I wearing?  Dress by Pretty Little Thing, Shoes by Miss Selfridge.

Style Notes: A sister night out in a classic venue filled with glitter and sparkle called for a dress with a little fun and sass! This dress had been hanging in my wardrobe with the tag still on for quite some time with me convincing myself it was too sexy and low cut for the average event.The plunging neck line is rather daring I have to admit but my stance on baring “your sexy” is that as long as it doesn’t become your staple “look” and you keep it either legs or breast but NEVER both you can get away with it.





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