Shanie takes over ‘Make Over Monday’s’ for QVC Beauty

Shanie takes over ‘Make Over Monday’s’ for QVC Beauty

Shanie was asked to create two stunning make up looks for QVC’sMake Over Mondays’

Check out what she did…


Top 10 products from the New Look Make Up Collection…

Top 10 products from the New Look Make Up Collection…

About 2 months ago I received a package of a gorgeous mixture of products from  the New Look make up and skin prep collection.

I have to be honest I am traditionally very much a makeup “snob”, and until about two years ago I only really purchased products with high end professional makeup brands such as MAC, Nars, Bobby Brown and Urban Decay for example. Since starting my YouTube channel last year I have begun trying more drugstore makeup brands and discovered some little gems along the way. I have to admit the news of a Fashion brand moving into the cosmetics industry confused me slightly, but boy was I wrong to have any doubts. New Look have created a collection of skin prep products and a makeup collection that not only looks fabulous in your makeup bag but really delivers on both keeping up with the latest makeup trends but also on delivering their customers a top quality product.

After trying the products over the past month or two I wanted to share with you my top 10 favourites from the collection and you can shop all the items by clicking the links below the images!

Happy shopping xXx

Prep Spray – £4.99

BUY IT NOW: Refresh & Prep Spray

Illuminating Primer – £7.99

BUY IT NOW: Illuminating Primer

Illuminating Highlighter – £7.99

BUY IT NOW: Glow Baked Highlighting Powder

False Lash Mascara – £6.99

BUY IT NOW: False Lash Mascara

Mocha Lip Liner – £2.49

BUY IT NOW: Mocha Lip Liner

Mocha Matte Lipstick – £7.99


BUY IT NOW: Mocha Matte Lipstick

Buff Lip Scrub – £3.99

BUY IT NOW: Buff Lip Scrub

Clear Shape & Fix Eyebrow Gel – £3.99

BUY IT NOW: Clear, Shape & Fix Eyebrow Gel

BB Tinted Beauty Balm – £6.99

BUY IT NOW: Medium / Dark Tinted BB Cream

High Definition Finishing Face Powder – £6.99

BUY IT NOW: HD Finishing Powder




Halloween Evil Queen….

Halloween Evil Queen….

Halloween for me is always a last minute dash to the party shop in Bromley where I generally proceed to have big ideas of what I want to go as (Insert this year’s big ideas of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad), I then discover that everything in my size is out of stock and whatever is left is ridiculously expensive and not at all what I wanted.

Finally this year with more than enough notice on my side, I knew that I had a fancy dress party to attend so I decided to be uncharacteristically more organised.

Well kind of….  To be honest this consisted of me attempting to online shop an outfit one week before the party and relying heavily on my friend to look for my costume as well as her own Lol! But success was on the horizon when she order me a sexy skeleton catsuit and I also managed to order myself a sexy BeetleJuice costume. Then the worst happened… my supposedly size small BeetleJuice costume arrived and was so big that the corset entirely exposed my lady lumps and the leggings were subjecting me to serious baggy crotch… did i say sexy? I meant stupid!

But no problem I have a backup right? Ermmmm NOPE! I should be so lucky, on calling my friend for the emergency back up skeleton costume she then informs me that three other girls she know are going in the identical bloody costume! Hows my luck right?

So with less than 24 hours until the party I had to come up with another option pronto!

Luckily for me I had just received an order from BooHoo and within that order was a stunning emerald green velvet plunge neck maxi dress with thigh high split, the colour was suitable for halloween so at least I had a little something to work with. Next stop… I had to be some serious levels of make up inspiration if this thrown together costume was going to be any more impressive than me showing up in a bin liner. 

There is only one woman to turn to for halloween make up inspo and that is the wonderfully talented Anna Lingis ( I checked out her Instagram tutorials and photos and settled on one of her looks to imitate with my own green themed spin on it. As it turns out ‘Girl did good’ I had so many ladies at the party compliment me on my makeup and my dress and when people asked me what I had come as I winged it and said I was an evil green queen! No one batted an eyelid at that made up by Shanie character so I think I pulled it off!

Check out my look…


SHOES: Miss Selfridge

HAIR: The Braid Bar (Selfridges London)