MEDIK8 Chemical & Enzyme Peels…

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I was recently invited by The Pro Laser Clinic in East Dulwich ( to try the latest celebrity trend… The Medik8 chemical & enzyme facial peels. Now as  a qualified beauty therapist i’m always intrigued by the latest celebrity trends / fads but very rarely do I get stuck in a give it ago myself when it comes to my face! On the other hand with body treatments I’m up for just about every and any treatment going! Well what girl wouldnt???

Medik8 peels are a cosmetic treatment that removes the top layer of the skin, leading to visibly improved appearance.
Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium and deep.The deeper the peel, the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved. However, there is also an associated higher risk of complications, increased pain and longer healing time with the deeper peels. The peels can treat a range of skin complaints from a dull & tired complexion, lines & wrinkles to  acne scarring and pigmentation.

There are several different options with the peels, and there is one to suit every skin type & age, your skin care professional will advise you in your consultation on the peel thats best to deal with your skin concerns. My skin care professional was Pro Laser Clinic Owner Sirin. She analysed my skin and advised me that I had signs of pigmentation after my summer of travelling and sun worship this year and advised that she would be doing the Medik8 White peel on me which targets depigmentation.

Believe me when I say it was the quickest facial i’ve ever had! The entire process from entering the room to leaving the room took just 30 minutes. First off Sirin cleansed my skin with a medik8 cleanser before sweeping my skin with acetone to remove all oils. She then simply brushed on the peel with a nice soft brush being careful to avoid the delicate eye area. Next she then turned on the air conditioning to full blast to keep my skin cool whilst the peel went to work. I have to say despite being warned by Sirin that my skin could feel hot and tingly I barely felt a thing. The peel stayed on for just 10 minutes before she sprayed a neutralising spray onto my face, which I have to be honest and say that this particular part of the facial peel did sting a little and become very hot but it was over in a matter of seconds when she applied the cold compresses to remove the peel solution. The last stage of the process was a simple moisture application and then i was all done.

The results were instant, my skin had never felt so fresh and clean and my pigmentation was definitely visibly reduced. In fact I loved the results so much that I have already had my second peel and plan to have my third this month. Will I need a mortgage for this treatment I hear you ask? Nope! The cost is very reasonable at just £80.00 per peel or £180.00 for a course of three. The down time post treatment is minimal, in fact all I recieved were lovely compliments on how great my skin looked the second I left the salon. Sirin did advise me that i was lucky not to have a slight flushed look as most people do post treatment but this does go within 24 hours and she also advised me that some times clients experience a light flaking of skin  in the following days but again I was lucky enough not to suffer this. Sirin recommends an initial course of three peels but advises to completely renew the appearance of your skin to the baby soft skin you were born with (Well you know what I mean!)you would need around six peels.

So there you have it guys & girls the truth behind the once scary prospect of having a chemical peel and turning out like Samantha in Sex and The City did, has now over time  transformed into a modern day pain free, minimal down time treatment that leaves you fresh faced enough to slap on some mascara and lippy and head straight out on the town. PERFECT!

Love Shanie xxx