Pre Holiday Personal Training…

Like most ladies and gents I need a specific occasion on the horizon to really kick my fitness and diet into gear. Without a holiday or occasion based goal I can often skip gym session and let my love for good food takeover. I have to admit since buying my first home back in March my usual routine of hitting the gym 3 times a week completely went down the drain along with my usually healthy eating habits. Between the building works and life admin that takes over  your life when you buy a project house like I had, taking care of myself had taken a back seat. Like… I literally didn’t even go food shopping for 10 weeks so imagine what my diet looked like! 

Excuses aside I looked in the mirror a few weeks ago and thought “Holy Shit” it’s 6 weeks until my holiday to Mykonos and I’m soft like jelly and definitely half a stone more than I would like to weigh before stepping into beach wear! 

Time for a plan me thinks?!? 

I have enlisted the help of personal trainer and wellness coach K-Wellness to help me get my bikini body in check! I have exactly 4 weeks to shed some pounds and tone up this jiggle wiggle. I have also started loginng my food intake via this cool app I discovered called My Fitness Pal. I’m not good at diets but I like the fact that this app makes me more mindful of what I’m eating. Let me keep it real though, I love my food so this isn’t about to be a diary of salad and tofu by any means!

Follow my journey to fitness and read my honest account of having a personal trainer for the first time.

Session 1:

K-Wellness creator and fitness guru Karis Weller came to my house and had me fill out a health questionaire, then she weighed me and took my measurements. She also checked up on the food diary she had me log for the past week! ( Insert; monkey hands over eyes emoji ). She also asked me what types of excised I enjoy (Yoga, boxing & body weight exercise) and what activities I dislike ( Cardio! ).

After that it was off to the park, it had to be 25 degrees outside, pool ken count was high and I was an itchy eyed sneezing hot mess. But I was determined to have a possible first workout. 

My attitude may of been open to the session but apparently my lungs were not so much. Hay fever had kicked my asthma into overdrive and my cardiovascular fitness was at a level of slim to none! After a combo of cardio, boxing, body weight excercises and a core workout, the session was varied enough I wasn’t at all bored and Karis gently pushed me while being conscious my hayfever was beating me down. Over all the perfect first session, it pushed me without scaring me and of course the good weather really helped! 

Calories Consumed:1,520

Fav Food Pic:

Session 2:

It was an 8am session and I didn’t hit the sack until 2am! So basically I was exhausted and also soooo sore from the first work out session, they always say that day 2 is the worst post workout. It’s safe to say this is the first time I realised the benefit of having a personal trainer because if I’m completely honest had I not of booked Karis I would of totally snoozed my alarm and gone back to sleep! Especially as it was wet outside, I’m not a fan of stepping out in the snow or rain at the best of times let alone working out in those conditions. But before I knew it I was mid workout and Karis had me forgetting all about wet morning. 

Calories Consumed: 1,725 (Super hungry day)

Fav Food Pic:

Session 3: 

So the weather has been pretty hideous of late. As it couldn’t decide if it was horrible rain or gorgeously sunny outside we decided to work out right outside my flat. I was in the mood to really sweat and go nuts on the cardio, so Karis got me working on the boxing gloves and pads and we did some pretty fun combinations (Note to self: Boxing is fun excercise, look for a local class!). At first I wasn’t sure how comfortable  I was going to be excercising in a car park outside my  front door but we needed to be able to duck for cover if it rained like it had been that day and I soon got so in the zone that I barely noticed the passers by! Felt a little fitter today so helped motivate me to work that bit harder.

Calories Consumed: 1,527

Favourite Food Pic: (Fell off of the wagon at my breakfast meeting 🙈)

Session 4: 

I wasn’t exactly in the mood to leave my house today! I was in central London all day at meetings it was a 3pm session. Once I stepped foot in my house is already decided I wasn’t leaving again. So this was my first inside mat based work out session. A part of me probably hoped being that space was limited my workout would be a little bit easier, but boy was I wrong. It was all about the HIIT training (High intensity interval training). Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, rocket jumps you name it we did it. After half hour of HIIT training we began working with the resistance bands working on the deeper butt and thigh muscles, I really did get to feel that burn today. Hmmmm think I’m going to be sore tomorrow. 

Calories Consumed: 1,405

Fav Food Pic: (FYI: I only ate half)

Session 5:

Today was an indoor session due to the not so great British weather. My trainer Karis wanted it too be a day focused on legs so we did some combinations of squats, lunges, leg lifts & dead lifts with light weights and working with high reps until fatigue which really helped me feel the burn. The work out felt like it was over in no time at all which is always a good thing. Felt like I was performing the excercises in good form today.

Calories consumed: 1,335

Fav food pic:

Session 6: 

Karis arrived early so we had a quick wake up coffee before we got started. The weather was pleasant so we opted for an outdoor session. My legs were totally still sore from session 5, I’d literally just found the walk down stairs troublesome so more squats were off the cards and it was a arms focused work out today. Plenty of boxing, free weights as well as press up’s and tricep dips of course! Karis was on top form with the banter so it was a super fun session.

Calories Consumed: 1,244

Fav Food Pic: (Love me some fresh mozerella and tomato)

Session 6:

Woke up late… Fail! 

Hurricane worthy downpour: Check! 

Me not feeling like doing anything physical: Check! 

Karis arrived and told me to look lively, I told her I wasn’t feeling much like jumping around so she tailor made the session to match my mood. She still pushed me hard with body weight exercises and to be fair I really did feel that burn. Thumbs up to Karis for kicking my butt but kindly! 

Calories consumed: 1,300

Fab food pic:

Session 7:

The sun was shining, I had a great radio show and was in a fabulous mood. I opted for an outdoor session in crystal palace park. Thought a new scenery  would be nice and motivational. We did a leg work out using hiit training and a light weight high reps method. 

Karis and I had a little giggle melt down when we did some squat jumps onto a bench but I got scared I was going to fall and developed a ridiculously stupid looking squat jump. It got pretty hot that day and I worked up a real sweat so we finished up the session with a spot of lunch 👍🏻

Calorie consumption: 1,495

Fav Food Pic:

Overall I have very much enjoyed my month long experience of training with a PT. What I really loved about PT was the fact there was no option of opting out. You can’t snooze your alarm and say come back another day. You have a commitment to train and work hard. You also get pushed and encouraged to do things you don’t really think your good at and then watch yourself improve. I really enjoyed my experience and definitely  feel more toned  just in time for my holiday. 

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