NEWA …New Age Skin Care!

NEWA …New Age Skin Care!

I managed to get my hands on the very mysterious NEWA device back in December, however as you know I travel A LOT these days so I new that I wasn’t going to be home much in the run up to the Christmas to give it a fair road test. For that reason I decided I would resist the urge to rip open the extremely inviting box that it came in and I would put it aside and work it into my daily routine for January.  New year new beauty routine… sounds good right?

Right off the bat I was so relieved when I discovered that the box only contained five things… The NEWA device itself, the activator gel, a cute as a button carry case, the instructions and the charger… Phew at least I didn’t need an engineering degree to put the thing together or to make it work. The device itself is in fact very attractive, when you think of the size of the machines that we beauty lovers are used to experiencing when we go for a professional treatment in a salon whether it be microdermabrasion, laser or fat freezing it’s hard to believe that this tiny little FDA approved skin tightening device could possibly deliver such powerful results approved by top plastic surgeons in fact!

So i’ll be honest… ordinarily I can be rather  lazy when it comes to reading instructions… I am a dive in with both feet kinda gal on most things (aka lazy and can’t be bothered to read the instruction manual kinda gal). However when it comes to any electrical device near my face I’m definitely gonna check out the rules! So after having a little read of the easy to understand booklet I removed my makeup and jewellery (as advised in the booklet) I cleansed my face with gentle exfoliating cleanser Dermalogica Microfoliant and followed this by a second cleanse using Neals yard Organic Rose facial wash. I then dried my skin and hands thoroughly. Next up I applied the NEWA Lift activator gel in two lines on the head of the device as instructed, following that I spread the cooling gel evenly across my skin onto the areas to be treated. The booklet suggested that you start treatment on level two and keep the device moving in circular movements around the skin so you can feel your skin warming but you don’t allow it to get too hot, however i really enjoyed the warmth and found it quite relaxing. You can use it on both the face and neck and the treatment can take between 16 minute for the face treatment  and 24 minutes if you decide to include your neck area.

Firstly the device is so small that you can use it with just one hand, maybe whilst your having a cup of tea, checking your emails or updating your Instagram! I personally opted to work it into my evening routine whilst watching Netflix and updating my website in bed ( Talk about multitasking ayy ladies! ) Also it’s perfect if like me; you travel a lot for work as it makes the perfect travel skincare companion as its highly effective yet super lightweight. I also love how it doesn’t look anything like a powerful anti aging device so your secret to youthful looking skin is perfectly safe with NEWA.

I have to admit that in 2016 my skin definitely starting losing a some elasticity and I also noticed my pores have become slightly enlarged (Oh how lovely it is to hit your 30’s NOT)! So to start 2017 with the latest in beauty gadgetry was very exciting for me.

The system claims to have the following results on its website and after road testing it for the past three weeks my vote is swinging in favour of these bold statements being true…

Immediately after your treatment: Skin on the face feels plumper and tighter, with a radiant glow.

After 4 week’s use: Fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced and skin is firmer and smoother

After 12 weeks’ use: Further reduction in wrinkles, firmer, smoother facial skin with ongoing improvements over time.

NEWA advises that you give yourself an at home treatment three-five times a week for the first four weeks, then just twice a week thereafter. Now what exactly does it do I hear you ask?

The device is designed to treat the Crow’s feet, lost definition of jawline, and lost laxity under the chin… it works by stimulating the natural production of collagen, reinvigorating existing collagen, Increasing blood flow and promoting healthy skin cell activity and renewal. All of these attributes create a firmer, tighter skin with reduced wrinkles and a more radiant complexion. It is also suitable to use whether you are  in your 20s, 40s or 60s and also safe to use on all skin types even if you have dabbled with a little Botox or Fillers you can still continue to use your NEWA two weeks after your Aesthetics treatment.

In our 20s, our natural production of collagen and skin cell activity starts to slow down. As we enter our 30s our skin starts to show the visible signs of ageing, which then become more noticeable as we enter our 40s and beyond; with lines, wrinkles and skin losing it’s elasticity.

3DEEP Skin Science uses radiofrequency, a form of energy that has been used in medical and aesthetic treatments across the world for decades. The technology is so advanced that you won’t get a more effective skin tightening treatment outside of a skin clinic. In fact, NEWA is the only home-use radio frequency device cleared by the USA FDA for skin tightening.

For £350.00 retail price its not the cheapest addition to your anti aging skin routine but if it keeps the surgeon at bay then my guess is your will find it great value for money as it reverses the signs of ageing without the need for any drastic treatments.

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