Shanie’s Top 5 Fragrances

Shanie’s Top 5 Fragrances

With Christmas a mere 2 days away if a last minute dash to the shops is on the cards you cant go wrong with buying a loved one a perfectly wrapped bottle of perfume. With that in mind here are my top five perfumes that i’d recommended for the lady in your life….

NO 1: My number 1 scent of choice is definitely Hermes – Elixir Des Merveilles … It is such an intense womanly scent that carries a woody but sweet aroma with a hint of warm spice. Its my favourite fragrance for a special occasion, especially if you are all dressed up and looking great, it just finishes off how you feel.


NO 2: My second must have fragrance is Tom Ford – Black Orchid. This again has a warm spicy scent with an opulent earthy feel which makes you feel luxurious and sensual when your wearing it.  Its the perfect fragrance to have on your dressing room table as its unisex so you can smell it on your man as well as on yourself.  This perfume also has some serous staying power as it lasts all day and night, so makes a good day & night scent. If Tom Ford is good enough for Jay Z & Beyonce then its good enough for me!


NO 3: With vanilla being one of my favourite scents its hardly a shock to see D&G – The One  in my top five! As well as vanilla, the fragrance is also described as oriental, flowery, powdery, sweet, & fruity. This perfume has a combination of notes  that draws attention and i personally think is alluring and sexy.


NO 4: At number four its one of my favourite summer scents Viktor & Rolf –  Flowerbomb. To me this fragrance is chic & glamorous! From the scent itself to the diamond-granate bottle design to the beautiful box that houses it. This fragrance has clear floral notes but there is definitely a musky powdery scent there that purify’s the intense floral’s that take over your senses. I love to wear this perfume in the summer to a girly lunch or a summer wedding  for example, it is a very elegant scent and the bottle design looks lush on my dressing table.


NO 5: Last and by no means least its Cerruti 1881. This fragrance has sentimental value to me, its takes me back to being 11 years old and being in West End Musical ‘Oliver’ at The London Palladium, I brought this perfume for myself out of my first pay cheque and it remained my signature scent for years well into my teens! Its not a very expensive perfume so for those on a budget its perfect. The scent is definitely aromatic & floral with a  very slight woody tone. Its the perfect day wear fragrance for both  a young woman as well as a more mature woman and its bursting with elegance. This perfume is actually on my Christmas list this year as its been too long since I’ve worn it.


So there you have it, my top five favorite fragrances… If you haven’t yet, take a whiff of them next time your at the fragrance counter and let me know which of them is your favourite!

Love Shanie  xxx