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 ‘Influence Me’ is a 45 – 60 minute podcast released fortnightly where TV & Radio presenter Shanie Ryan hosts a conversation with some of the biggest names in the world of social media and YouTube.    

In each episode Shanie will shine light on a special guest ‘Influencer’ as she explores not only their journey to digital fame but also discusses a multitude of talking points with a focus on the influencers interest or expertise. ‘Influence Me’ will cover many subjects from Fashion to fitness, from Mental health to Metrosexuals, from Interior Design to Veganism and everything in between… No subject is off limits!   

With 45% of the world’s population now using social media on a daily basis we are now more influenced by the people that we follow.   
But social media is a tricky space to figure out what is real and what’s the “highlight reel”. So this podcast really digs deep to get to know the real person behind the digital fame.   

This podcast will introduce the listener to some incredible people, with amazing journeys and stories to share that the listener can either relate to, learn from or be inspired by.  


Season One Guests Include…

Alexandra Cane – 1.3 Million Instagram followers (Make Up Artist, Love Islander & Instagram’s Favourite Big Sister )

Theo Johnston – 97k Instagram followers ( Actor & Comedian who is breaking the stereotype)

Maddie Bruce – 87k Instagram followers & 145,000 YouTube subs (Mental Health Advocate)

Sarah Akwisombe – 28k Instagram followers (Interior Designer, No Bull school founder & Mummy of 2)

Mariah Idrissi – 88.5k Instagram followers  (Humanitarian, Film Maker & The world’s first Hijab wearing model)

Charlotte Hole – 48k Instagram followers (Solo traveller, Self care queen, Naked role model)

Jourdan Raine – 588k Instagram followers (Love Islander & Fashion Influencer)

Nakita Johnston – 855k Instagram followers (Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle Vlogger)

Adebayo Akinfenwa 1.2 Million Instagram followers (The worlds strongest footballer, Brand Ambassador, Beast Mode boss)

Sophie Tea Art – 70k Instagram followers (Instagram’s favourite artists)

Lewys Ball – 219k Instagram followers & 394,000 YouTube Subs (Boy Beauty Vlogger)


Influence Me launches on 29th October 

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