Micro Needling for Newbies…

Micro Needling for Newbies…

Micro Needling also known as Skin Rollering, Skin Renewal and Dermaroller in some instances is finally getting the kudos that it deserves in 2017.

This treatment has been on my radar for around 3 years now, however back then it was seen as more of an aesthetics treatment to be performed in a skin clinic or reputable beauty salon. It was also deemed to be quite an invasive treatment so the thought of it being available at home to perform on yourself within the next few years just didn’t seem likely to be apart of the future DIY beauty landscape.

Fast forward just a few years and beauty brand Swiss Clinic have created an easy to use, easy on the eye and super effective DIY micro needling kit that delivers results extremely close to those results expected from a visit to a top Harley Street clinic.

What is Micro Needling?

Micro Needling is a process involving a skin roller device that has hundreds of tiny needles on its surface, you manually roller the device across the skin’s surface to make small micro-channels in the skin. You are effectively puncturing tiny holes into the skin then causing the skin to respond as if it’s been damaged.

It is the world’s most scientifically effective skin renewal treatment, it stimulates and renews the skin cells both within the skin’s deeper dermis layers and on the surface level superficial epidermis. These tiny wounds encourage the body to create a wound healing response and renew the skin cells with excess collagen production. When microneedling you also apply specialist collagen serums directly onto the freshly needled skin allowing the product to push into the skin 300% deeper than when products are applied without the needling.

 As the active ingredients work deep into the skin, the treatment is proven to reduces fine lines, wrinkles and scars, softens the skin, stimulates blood circulation, improves elasticity and reduces enlarged pores and gives your skin a youthful glow and luminosity. This effective treatment also leaves your skin with a more even tone, makes it more resilient, and preserves its vitality and energy by slowing down the ageing process.

Priced at £84.00 The Swiss Clinic Skin Roller kit includes the roller itself as well as the skin renewal serum. You have an option of the 0.2 mm or the 0.5mm Rollers. I have both at home myself and I used the 0.2mm for the first week before then moving up to the 0.5 roller after a weekend of skin rest from using the treatment. They recommend using the treatment for 5 days in a row then giving your skin a couple of days rest before starting treatment again for a further 5 days. I must admit the sensation can be a little prickly at first but the skin soon numbs and gets used the sensation, and if you’re a bit of a weirdo like me you might even start to quite like the pain!  It helps to start of with the smaller 0.2mm roller at first before moving up to the 0.5mm roller. It also depends on your skin when making your decision on which size to buy. If you have lots of acne scarring, pigmentation or skin wrinkling then it may be better to go straight for the 0.5mm.

 Click Here To Buy The Skin Renewal Roller & Serum – £84.00

I would also recommend buying the Micellar cleansing gel to ensure your skin’s surface is sterile and cleansed adequately Click Here To Buy The Micellar Cleansing Gel – £36.00

You should also ensure you buy the sanitising spray for your skin roller to ensure it is always super clean, when dealing with any device set to puncture micro holes in your face hygiene is key

  Click Here To Buy Sanitizing Spray – £11


Now let me be clear this is not a sponsored post! I am sooo happy with the results. Within three days of treatment I was receiving several comments a day about how amazing my skin was. My enlarged pores on my cheeks were noticibly smaller, my skin tone had evened out and my breakouts had cleared. I also noticed my skin looks plumper and my pigmentation had started to fade. Fast forward several weeks and my complexion is that of a 20 year old again. When they say skin renewal they really aren’t kidding! 

(5 Minutes Post Treatment)

Like I said above the treatment itself can be a little prickly and post treatment you will have an hour or two of down time as you can experience redness, sensitivity and the similar symptoms of mild sunburn. Its also recommended that you don’t wear make up on any creams outside of the Swiss Clinic serum provided and for this reason I always did my treatments at night, also your skin renews in your sleep so it makes total sense to load your skin with this super collagen boosting active serum before your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Be sure to drink plenty of water when doing any intensive skin treatment, keep your skin super clean and hydrated during the day where possible and avoid being in the sun without an SPF and DO NOT use any self tanning products unless you want your tan to sink into the little wounds and you will look like a plucked chicken ( Not a cute look ever!) and avoid exercise after treatment for around 6-8 hours as excessive sweating can irritate the skin and feel rather stingy (I learnt that one from experience!)  Another tip for the ladies; we are so much more sensitive 7-10 days prior to our periods so my advice is to start this treatment after your next cycle to avoid excess sensitivity to the prickly sensation!

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Much Love and Happy Microneedling